"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


                              -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Us


We are an organizational psychology firm whose sole focus is to maximize the effectiveness of business leaders and teams.  We create alignment between what people do on a daily basis and their business strategy.


Our passion is your people. Why?  No matter how advanced your technology, no matter how global your markets, no matter how efficient your processes…people remain your critical path to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.  How do you select the right people?  How do you develop them?  How do you help them work better together?  And how do you keep them?


Our Strengths


  • We are business psychologists.  We know the business world, we talk the business world, and our workplace is the business world.  We understand financial statements, proformas, market research, product development…but our focus is on your people:  how do they learn, change, and relate in order to direct maximum force toward your organization’s goals?


  • Collaborative Approach. We work in partnership with our clients to incorporate their expertise and organizational perspectives and to build internal capabilities for sustaining solutions long-term success.


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